Which Avenger Will Make The Ultimate Sacrifice In Endgame

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Before Infinity War, real and permanent death among heroes was rare in the MCU, but now as we stare down Endgame, it seems to be more of a possibility than ever before, and many of our favorite characters might not escape it this time. So it's time to talk odds.

If you really wanted to predict possible outcomes like Doctor Strange meditating over the Time Stone, you could say that Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, can absolutely die in just her second film. You could argue that she's the best candidate to go toe to toe with Thanos while the other surviving Avengers are working on their secret plan to undo the snap.

Being in the line of fire would place her in clear mortal danger. And it could be poetic that Carol, who only just arrived back on Earth, would sacrifice herself like the space god she is. You could even argue that, since there are more than two decades separating Endgame and Captain Marvel, Carol wouldn't really even be "dead." Marvel could keep churning out movies set in the intervening years.

You'd be wrong. Carol is the vanguard leading the charge into a new age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She'll stick around, and her chance of survival is very high.

Everyone's favorite raccoon with Bradley Cooper's voice is already in a pretty bad spot when Endgame begins. He's on an unfamiliar planet, far from home. As far as he knows, he's the only surviving member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and, most importantly, he watched his best friend Groot crumble to dust before his eyes. Rocket and Thor had a conversation in Infinity War about how hard you fight when it seems you've got nothing left to lose.

For Rocket, that time has arrived.

Rocket and Groot have become sort of unofficial mascots for the comic side of the MCU. With a third Guardians movie on the way, it's hard to imagine a world in which they don't both pull through this, even if Rocket does end up having to wear one of those prosthetics he finds so hilarious. His chance of survival? Moderately high.

Endgame's marketing materials have been very clear about what the surviving heroes' goal is: "Take it all back…"

That's a pretty clear mission statement that gives every major character a redemptive arc as they each quest for personal vengeance. Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, in particular has a goal.

Endgame will have to address Banner's sudden inability to handle the Hulk, who has retreated into his host body and refused to fight on behalf of Banner and his friends. This left our heroes at an apparent disadvantage during the Battle of Wakanda. While Banner overcame it, he and the Hulk still have to have a conversation that will resolve in Endgame.

That resolution could ultimately end with the Hulk choked out by Thanos' tremendous power, but that seems unlikely. Possible remaining romantic tension with Black Widow just gives him too much to do in the MCU besides dying. His chance of survival is moderate. Keep watching the video to see which Avenger will make the ultimate sacrifice in Endgame!

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