TOP MARQUES MONACO 2018 - Best Supercar Sounds!

Download video Channel: Supercars of Austria

Here is my full video of Top Marques Monaco 2018 in Monaco!

I filmed a combination of the best sportscars, supercars and hypercars doing crazy action like burnouts, accelerations, revs and more! You can see the best stuff I've filmed during one week in Monaco during Top Marques Monaco 2018. This year I spotted a lot of hypercars like 4x Bugatti Chirons, 2x Ferrari LaFerraris, 4x Porsche 918, 2x McLaren P1s, 2x Bugatti Veyrons, Apollo IE, Saleen S7, Koenigsegg One:1, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40, Bugatti EB110, many tuned supercars and much much more! The Police was very strict this year and impounded a lot of vehicles but nevertheless, there was a lot of action!

Song: Miza - Dreamer (Original Mix)

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