Kuthoosi - Fight Scene | Dileepan | Yogi Babu | Amala Rose Kurian

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The film revolves around the hardships faced by farmers who struggle to make an impact in their lives and to make their ends meet. Vel (Dileepan) who hails from Kalladakurichi isn't interested in his father's occupation of farming and plans to settle in the US. However, his father's sudden demise spoils all of his plans and later he was compelled and pressured by his mother and his girlfriend to take up farming and to fulfill his father's dream of turning their land into a fertile one. But in this pursuit, he has forced locks horns with a landlord in his village who has been forcefully asking farmers to surrender their lands to him

Directed by Siva Sakthi

Written by Siva Sakthi



Amala Rose Kurian

Yogi Babu

Music by N. Kannan

Production Company - Sri Lakshmi Studios

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