How Triple H Has Secretly Shown He Wants Vince McMahon To Retire NOW and Takeover WWE!

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As we’ve discussed in our recent video “Is the WWE in Panic Mode,” the WWE is fighting to find a way out of its ratings slump and poor live event attendance. Inevitably, things boil down as to whether Vince McMahon needs to step back or even step down from running the wrestling empire he helped build. However, rumblings seem to be coming from Vince’s son-in-law himself that it’s time for Vince to step down.

Topics Discussed In This Video:-

1. Vince McMahon Retires

2. HHH Wants Vince McMahon to Retire

3. Why Vince McMahon Needs to Retire

4. Why Triple H Should Takeover WWE

5. Triple H Vince McMahon Backstage Heat

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