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The theory (we believe it is much more than just a theory!) is that when you first start saying your positive affirmations, they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind, you really start to believe them, and eventually they become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually become true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more.

As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began.


Hope this video inspires and motivates you to take action. :)

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I get things done quickly and easily.

I accomplish my dreams and goals quickly and easily.

I spend more time doing rather than thinking.

I act now.

I am an action taker.

I take action now.

I am a doer.

I take action towards my goals daily.

I take charge of my life by taking positive actions to improve it.

I take determined action towards my goals.

I take positive actions every day to move closer to my dream.

I talk less and do more.

I think less and take action more.

I transform my thoughts into reality by taking positive action.

I turn every intention into action.

I am accomplishing my goals faster and faster now.

I am accomplishing my goals in less and less time.

I take charge and get things done.

I get things done quickly.

I am always moving forward and working on my goals.

I work hard first and play later.

I always start a project right away.

I always get a head start and have plenty of time to complete my work.

Others admire that I make things happen now rather than later.

I complete projects with plenty of time to spare.

I am someone who seizes the moment and takes action.

I love the feeling of getting a head start.

It is normal for me to start projects early.

Being proactive comes naturally to me.

I take action and get things done.

Making the best use of my time comes easy to me.

I’m the kind of person who always dives straight into my work.

I enjoy starting quickly and beating others to the punch.

Making things happen is just what I do.

Others rely on me because I always follow through.

I enjoy working hard and getting things done.

I am willing to do the thing I am resisting.

I effortlessly tackle difficult tasks.

I know that I have the skills, resources and energy to get my to-do list done.

I choose to focus on the rewards of accomplishing my most pressing projects.

With laser-focus, I know exactly what needs to be done and I do it.

I choose to be a productive person.

I honor the commitments I make in a timely manner.

I value integrity and get done what I have promised myself I would.

I am organized, efficient, productive and proud of all I accomplish.

I believe in the effort I make. I know that my work will generate results.

I easily embrace new challenges.

I always look forward to new projects.

I always look forward to getting things done.

I never worry about what other people think.

I always learn from past mistakes.

I am eager to accomplish all my goals, no matter how challenging they seem.

I focus only on success.

I always increase my skills.

I always expand my boundaries.

I always learn more things.

I always improve my skills.

I always increase my success.

I always do better than before.

I easily overcome mistakes and setbacks.

I am enjoying greater success.

I get difficult projects completed in less and less time.

I easily forge partnerships with people that can help me.

I enjoy more free time as I get more done faster.

I am a master at using my time efficiently.

I am a master at handling pressure with ease.

I am a master at easily finding solutions to problems.

I always make my life better.

I always make my life richer.

I always make my mind sharper.

I always make my dreams bigger.

I always make my body healthier.

I always make my spirit stronger.

All my actions support my dreams.

All of my actions reflect my intentions.

All of my actions support my goals.

By taking positive actions, I bring more positive results into my life.

Each day I do one new thing to improve the quality of my life.

Every day I take goal-directed actions.

Every action I take increases my motivation.

Every action I take moves me closer to my goal.

Every activity I perform is in accordance with the commitment to my goals.

Every day I take positive action towards my goals.

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