EXCALIBUR: The Last Knight Optimus Prime- Transformers 5 Documentary. The Sword of Judgement

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Excalibur is artifact sword in the font of the new Transformers The Last Knight! Excalibur was the sword of King Arthur! This sword was given to the King of Britain by DRAGONSTORM one of The Knights of Cybertron. Every legend has a secret! This Transformers Documentary makes you rethink the past and what the legends of the sword Excalibur! Excalibur was Forge in the pits of dragon fire. It's true origins was called The Sword of War. There was another sword however which was The Sword of Peace. The Knights of Cybertron came to earth to protect from what was destined to arrive! The capturing of Optimus Prime and the torture spark on the hands of Quintessa could have been part of the plan! Steelbane could have made a deal with the Creators or The Maker of The Transformers and it's up to the faith of the sword of Excalibur to save the Last Prime! This is a Transformers 5 The Last Knight Documentary!

I touch on the rust plague, Skullatron, DRAGONSTORM, Quintessa, Megatron, Optimus Prime, The Knights of Cybertron, Cade Yeager, King Arthur. We also learn of The Great Britain Empire and The True Kings and let's not forget The Knights of the Round Table! Hope you all enjoy this amazing ride of Transformers 5 Speculations! LPS Last Prime Speculator once again digging deep in the Lore of Transformers! Transformers The Last Knight New Movie drops on Tuesday! If your a fan of Transformers this the community for you! This is the best Transformers Channel on YouTube! Don't forget to subscribe!

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