Best Movie Fight Scenes Using Filipino Martial Arts Fight Scenes 2018

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Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis are all synonymous terms for a subset of weapon-based and unarmed traditional Filipino martial arts and their associated combat sport. Besides striking and grappling, a wide array of weapons are used. The most iconic of these is the Baston, or “Kali stick”, made of the dense yet light vine stem called “rattan”. Other weapons include knives and daggers like the famous Balisong, or butterfly knife, the Karambit, the machete-like Bolo, swords such as the Kris, and even improvised tools like screwdrivers, belts, and car keys. This martial art is especially popular among western action films like the Bourne series where the titular character grabs whatever is available in his environment like pens, books, and even hankerchiefs to take out his assailants. Favored for its lightning fast, brutal, and effective techniques, it has been heavily incorporated into the fight choreography of countless Hollywood movies. Notable practitioners are Dan Inosanto, student, colleague, and close friend of Bruce Lee and now the world’s leading expert on Jeet Kune Do, as well as famous American fight choreographer Jeff Imada. I’m no expert on Filipino Kali but a fan of awesome fight choreography so I decided to delve a bit deeper and research some films/television series that feature it. So here’s a compilation of some Filipino Kali/Eskrima/Arnis fight scenes.

List of movies/television series featured in order of appearance:

1. The Bourne Identity

2. I, Frankenstein

3. Death Grip

4. The Bourne Supremacy

5. Batman vs. Robin

6. Alvin Hsing Vs. Bryan Sloyer

7. The Bourne Ultimatum

8. Batman: Bad Blood

9. Bahad (Threat)

10. Taken

11. Young Justice

13. Alex Hashioka Vs. Bryan Sloyer

14. Taken 2

15. Daredevil (TV Series)

16. Bryan Sloyer Vs. Micah Karns

17. Repo Men

18. Formless

19. Blade 2

20. The Equalizer

21. Kiss of the Dragon

22. Spy

23. Furious 7

24. The Man From Nowhere

25. The Wrong Side of Town

26. The Book of Eli

27. Quantum of Solace

28. Enter the Dragon

29. Game of Death

30. The Hunted

31. Ninja Assassin

32. A Grand Arte

33. Sherlock Holmes

34. Hanna

35. 300

36. The Perfect Weapon

37. Arrow

38. Best of the Best 4: Without Warning

39. Under Siege

40. The Chronicles of Riddick

41. Mission of Justice

42. Rambo 3

43. Out for Justice

44. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

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